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us in your home. that's it for this special report. report. fair, balanced and unafraid. captioned by closed captioning services, inc ♪ ♪ >> shepard: a massive category four hurricane churns across the atlantic. plus, want to keep your bush tax cuts? tonight there is word of a compromise. i'm shepard smith. this is fox news. they traded insults and accusations. >> time to put grown-ups in charge. >> if i said the sky was blue, they'd say no. >> shepard: but now word of some possible agreement as the house minority leader john boehner says he will vote to extend middle class tax cuts. tonight what it may mean for millions of americans and the upcoming election. iran demands. the islamic republic now asking for a half-million
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dollars to free this american woman. tonight her family responds. plus, people now getting a first look at their houses in the wake of a devastating pipeline blast. tonight, coming home, amid the ruins. and new video captures the seconds after that explosion. first from fox's monday night, the price of freedom is apparently a half million dollars, but the family of the american hiker sarah shourd may not be able to pay. remember, the iranians accused shourd and her two friends of illegally crossing the border last year. and arrested them as spies. >> we do not believe they are guilty of any crime. iran has had more than enough time to investigate and satisfy its questions about why these three individuals
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crossed the unmarked border. >> shepard: iran did let the prisoners meet with their families several months ago in tehran. last week, the iranians offered to actually free sarah shourd. who is said to be suffering from health issues. but then they announced they would only let her go if someone paid $500,000 bail. shourd's residents say they can't afford that and they're asking iran to lower the price of freedom. trace gallagher live in the west coast news hub. any sign that iranians may be willing to do negosh waiting here? >> not yet, shep. but the negotiations are not direct because we don't have diplomatic ties with iran. all the conversations are going through the swiss embassy. even if they come to terms on the bail, there is still one major obstacle, that is because of the sanctions against iran. if there was there was a --
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if there was a transaction made, the government would have to issue a waiver and they may do that but they also said they wouldn't put up one dime. >> shepard: there is a lot of disagreement inside shourd over whether to release shourd. >> one side, you have the infamous revolutionary guard, as well as the conservative lawmakers saying that she should not be released. in fact, one conservative lawmaker said and i'm quoting here, this would be the bonus for the quran burners, referring to the pastor this weekend in florida who threatened to burn qurans. the revolutionary guard told iranian newspaper if they were spies as the intelligence ministry said why should they receive clemency and escape islamic justice? on the other hand, tough ruling theocracy, who have not come out against the court's decision to put the bail up. and to have her released, shep, so there is a divide inside iran. >> shepard: what about the
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other two? her friend and boyfriend also being held. >> yeah, well, iran has said clearly that josh fattal and shane bauer will be tried as spies. sarah shourd even if she is released would also have to be tried as a spy. it's likely she would be tried in absenshyia because she went come back to iran but remember as you said, shane bauer is her fiance and josh fattal is her good. what happens to them punishment wise if she decides not to come back. the penalty for spying is death. for context, we should know that roxanna saveri, the american journalist was sentenced to eight years for spying in iran. she was released quickly after she was sentenced. >> shepard: trace gallagher live in los angeles. there is other trouble now with iran, as chief united nations nuclear inspector warns that iran is not cooperating with the staffers. that means the united nations
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cannot confirm whether the nuclear activities are peaceful as iranian activities claimed. western analysts warned that iran could be trying to build a nuclear bomb. at home tonight, president obama claims he is in a wrestling match with g.o.p. leaders in congress over the taxes. tonight there are new questions about one republican might be willing to compromise. the president saying again today we can only afford to extend the bush tax cuts for families making $250,000 or less per year. he held a backyard town hal meeting in fairfax, virginia, accused republicans for blocking tax cuts for the middle class. >> we could get it done this week. but we're still in this wrestling match with john boehner and mitch mcconnell where the last 2-3%, where an average we have given them $100,000 for people making $1 million or more. >> yesterday, the house
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minority leader john boehner said he would not as the president put it hold middle class tax cuts hostage. >> the only option i have is to vote for $250,000 and below, of course i'll do that. but i'll do everything i can to fight to make sure we extend the current tax rates for all americans. >> shepard: but today, leader boehner had this to say, and i quote. "the president and the advisors decided to spin my comments yesterday as a sign i'm willing to accept tax hikes on any american. news flash for the white house, i am not." senate minority leader mitch mcconnell is refusing to budge. peter, mcconnell says it's all or nothing. >> he is going one step further than boehner announcing he is introducing legislation in the senate to continue all the bush tax cuts. >> americans, mr. president, have had it. they're tired of democratic
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leaders in washington pursuing the same government driven programs that have done nothing but add to the debt and the burden of government. we can't allow this administration to demand small business owners in the country pay for its own fiscal recklessness. >> and republicans may be winning this argument, the new rasmussen poll shows 51% of voters favor extending the tax cuts to everyone. 44% say no, shep. >> shepard: democrats, peter, turning to a childhood classic to hammer home their argument. >> that's right. today, shep, reporters received this e-mail from the senate democrats with 98 little people to illustrate the argument that republicans want to block tax cuts for 98% of the taxpayers in the middle class. 2% of higher income taxpayers represented by the two little figures in the top hat and tail. the guy from the monopoly game, for those of us in journalism who played
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monopoly in third grade but got a "d" in math. >> shepard: thank you very much. peter barnes live in washington. extreme indeed. hurricanes do not ever get much stronger than this. a powerful category four storm, now moving across the open waters of the atlantic, as fox reports tonight. igor has maximum sustained winds of 150 miles per hour. they expect it to be a powerful hurricane for a few days. nasa today released video from the storm. see this? that's from the international space station and the eye is stunning. we sped it up for you a little bit here and you can see how well defined the center of the storm is. the good news forecasters say they expect it to turn away from the united states. but that certainly doesn't mean the danger to people is over. our meteorologist janice dean tracking igor from the extreme weather system. this is a monster. >> 1200 miles wide, shep. trip from texas to d.c..
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that's how big the storm. is we're watching the area of low pressure across the caribbean that could develop and there is julia right behind igor. 15 miles per hour sustained wind storms. that is expected to become a hurricane. igor, unbelievable storm. just six miles shy of being a category five. we could get to that. you can see the well-defined eye. there is a textbook hurricane. new path at 5:00 p.m. and new path at 11:00. we still have a category four storm heading to thursday. then as we head further out to the weekend, category three still a major storm. there's bermuda. you can see the storm is moving westward. it has to make more of a north/northwesterly tour to keep up with the path. that is something we have to really closely monitor. and as i mentioned, we've got julie behind this storm. there is igor, our big
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hurricane. there is julia's path, becoming a hurricane by mid-week. we don't think it will affect land, which is great news. and then our other tropical disturbance across the caribbean making its way possibly in the gulf of mexico. tropics are heating up. peak season. we've got our eyes on it. >> shepard: busy night in the weather center. janice, thank you. researchers say they discovered something horrible at the bottom of the gulf of mexico. tonight, thick patches of oil coating the floor for miles and miles. coming up, what it says about the b.p. spill. plus, that pipeline disaster in california. just ahead, the stunning new video. taken by an iphone from someone who felt in, every way. cleaning up from the disaster and searching for the missing from the journalists of fox news. this is a monday "fox report." ♪
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>> shepard: new view tonight on the deadly california pipeline blast that killed at least four people and
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destroyed dozens of homes. a resident shot this video with his iphone moments after the initial explosion. at first the man who recorded it said he thought it was a plane crash. i spoke with him today on studio b. >> i kept hearing like a plane taking off. and for two or three seconds, and then the blast hit. i was on my bed. i was getting ready. then i got knocked to the floor. and that's when i was trying to call 911 and ran to the deck. >> shepard: this surveillance video from a nearby gas station shows customer running from flames shooting in the sky. all right, that's not that picture. you can see the scale of the destruction from the interactive graphic from the "associated press." see that. the picture of the neighborhood changes from before the blast to after. claudia cowen with the news, live in san bruno, california. what is it like there tonight? >> shep, hundreds of residents are returning to a sense of normalcy tonight.
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but behind me, take a look. nearly 84 homes remain evacuated. either they're unsafe or they're incinerated like this one. 38 homes are gone. some residents got about an hour today to retrieve some belo belongings. those who lost everything, get array of assistance, rental car. they are setting aside $100 million to help the residents recover. >> shepard: officials are asking residents to hem out with the investigation i'm told. >> they are indeed. federal investigators trying to figure out what caused the explosion. clues could be anywhere. cell phone video off the top that captured the explosion.
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>> shepard: the investigators are focussing attention on one particular piece of pipe, claudia. >> that is the key piece of evidence so far in the investigation. the investigators with the national transportation safety board have shipped the 28-foot long piece of charred pipeline that blew up back to its lab. the state regulators classified the section of pipeline as high risk because it ran underneath homes. now they are asking to look at the system across the state of california. we're talking about checking for leaks in 5,000 miles of pipeline. >> shepard: claudia, thanks. it's almost five months now since the disaster in the gulf. engineers started drilling the final 50 feet of a relief well that could eventually kill the leak for good. the fed and b.p. report it should take four days to intersect the blown-out well. then they can pump in mud in an attempt to cement and seal
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it. meanwhile, researchers say they are finding oil as far as 80 miles away on the gulf floor. along with shrimp and other sea creatures that died recently, covered in crude. the scientists tell us some patches are two inches thick. they have to do more testing to determine if it's from the deepwater horizon well. and victims of the spill may soon collect more cash from b.p. right now they have to deduct from the claims any money they made on the clean-up. a lot of people complain about that. now the head of the $20 billion disaster fund says he is thinking of dropping the rule but hasn't made a final decision. emergency crews report 51 people aboard flight 2350 when the pilot sent a mayday signal. seconds later, this. tonight, how anyone survived, let alone dozens of people from the crash. the man who said tried to blow up a bomb in his own
7:18 pm
underwear is again reaching in his bag of tricks. what the underwear bomber is hoping to do in court and whether a judge will allow it. that's next. ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] every siness day, bank of america lends billions of dollars, to individuals, institutions, schools, organizations and businesses. ♪ working to set opportunity in motion. bank of america.
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>> shepard: remember the christmas day underwear bomber? as it turned out, he wasn't effective terrorist. tonight he hope he is will make a better lawyer. the man investigators say tried to blow up a plane that day has just fired his attorneys. umar farouk abdulmutallab appeared in court today and told a judge he wants to represent himself. of course, it may not be too much work because he also implied he might be ready to plead guilty, at least on some counts. the "fox report" chief correspondent jonathan hunt with us now. what did he say? >> he said that he does not trust any public defender to represent him.
7:22 pm
he says there would be in his words a conflict of interest there. he told the judge he wants to represent himself. judge nancy edmonds said she does not believe it's a good idea but she reluctantly agreed to his request. then, someone curioussy said and i'll quote here, "if i want to plead guilty to some counts, basically how would that go?" judge edmonds told him she could not answer him advice but it sounds like he is leading toward what the previous public defender was doing, seeking a deal with the prosecution. >> shepard: if you get a deal with the prosecution, they get something in return. what might he offer? >> we know for instance that he has given them information about his previous contact with anwar al-awlaki. remember, he is the yemeni based radical cleric linked to several attacks and attempted attacks in the united states. so basically what this man would offer is information that the feds want about how these kind of attacks are
7:23 pm
being planned, shep. >> shepard: the president, well, the administration is calling this, i guess the feds really. an example of this new kind of terrorist and the kind of person for whom they're watching. >> essentially, what they're saying is al-qaeda has not given up but has failed to carry out the spectacular attack such as the 9/11 attacks. so what they're doing now is reaching to out to individuals, the so-called lone wolf. we saw it with the christmas day bombing. we saw it with the fort hood massacre and attempted bombing in times square. the feds say these are part of a new strategy by al-qaeda to use the individuals to try to carry out a string of attacks in the united states. so far, shep, basically we've been lucky they haven't succeeded. >> shepard: jonathan hunt, good to see you. thank you. >> the mexican military is captured a suspected drug lord. did so in a raid in federal mexico. officials there report the raid involved 30 mexican marines. five armored vehicles. and a chopper in the state of
7:24 pm
puebla. the man in the middle right here, known as el grande was on the country's list of most wanted drug traffickers. the mexican government reportedly offering $2 million for his capture. officials say this is the fourth major cartel member that mexican authorities killed or captured this year. tax cuts. they top the agenda as congress gets back to work this week. but some analysts say they wondering whether lawmakers will get anything done before election day. we're live tonight on capitol hill. plus, it survived a dangerous reality show. now famous boat goes up in flames and dozenps of firefighters race to keep it from spreading. that's coming up.
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>> shepard: fire aboard a fishing boat once in a reality television. washington, flames engulf the 100-foot fishing boat moored in the look washington ship canal. arctic dawn made appearances in the early episode of television series "deadliest catch." it's used for salmon fishing. more than 100 firefighters needed to keep the flames from spreading to other votes. new jersey, multiple fire forcing evacuation at apartment complex in orange to. nobody hurt, but many residents say they're homeless. >> i'm looking at the building still burning. not real to me yet. that we have nowhere to go
7:29 pm
tonight. >> shepard: no word yet on the cause. wisconsin, 31 cars of a straight train derailing in a city in the northwest. some of the cars hitting a nearby pet food processing plant and bridge overpass. emergency management director says few of the cars contain various acid but there were no leaks. nobody hurt. minnesota. for sale, just west of minneapolis. a house made of cement, chicken wire, wood and foam. it dates to 1969. the home's original family now putting it on the market. we're told neighbors jumped at the chance to take a look inside in an open house. >> it blows your mind. totally '60s. >> shepard: the house sitting on more than eight acres of land and for sale for $230,000 and part of a fox watch. across america. i'm shepard smith. this is the "fox report." it's the bottom of the hour. time for the top of the news.
7:30 pm
we're counting down to the mid-term elections. and so is congress. 50 days to go now as lawmakers get back from summer vacation this week. but they have less than a month until they are scheduled to head home again to campaign. the question is will they get anything done by then? shannon bream is live on capitol hill tonight. shannon, we already talked about the battle over the bush tax cuts. there is much more on the agenda, though, right? >> there certainly is. key up in the senate is a small business bill with $30 billion in lending and $12 billion in tax breaks. it's mired in a lot of partisan haggling back and forth and now it look like key g.o.p. senators may be willing to cross the aisle to get it passed. they are retiring ohio senator george voinovich and florida senator george lemew. in addition, there are 12 funding bills congress needs to get the white house. they provide the money to allow the government to move forward and operate october 1 when the new budget year kicks off. those aren't done yet either.
7:31 pm
the senate officially back in session. the house republicans tomorrow. >> shepard: what is the thinking that they'll get it done, shannon? >> the best hope now is the small business bill if the senate. it's expected to get passed this week. but there are so many other things on the table, heated political environment, even the key democrats admitting they don't expect a lot else to get done. analysts say it's probably right, including larry sabato for center for politics. here is with a he has to say. >> i'm not sure two parties could come together on mother's day resolution, muss less something as tax cut or appropriation bills which have sometimes thousands of provisions. at least a few hundred of which are controversial. >> not even mother's day. a lot of the members are torn, because a lot of them want to be home fighting fir their seats in tough re-election battle. >> shepard: if they can't get anything done before election day, after election day there is a lame duck session. history tells us maybe then. >> you have to see who would be willing to push the envelope between november 2 when we find out how numbers
7:32 pm
will change in the house and senate. f and january when the members are sworn in. in august, they were beckoned back from the recess for another vote. but during that time they tried to offer up a resolution to ask democrats to commit to not passing any major legislation in the lame duck session. he got voted down. no major democratic leadership and folks seem to be willing to agree they won't get something done in the lake duck session. >> shepard: shannon breem live on the hill. people are proposing a new set of rules for lenders. they question whether it could mean less money in your pocket. this weekend, central bankers agree to rule that it would require institution to keep money on hand in case the investments go bad. if they get approval, regulations would go into effect in nine years.
7:33 pm
some analysts say it would leave less money to lend to individuals and businesses. today i spoke to reuters financial editor who said there is to way to know what the effects will be so far in the future. >> like i said, they do not fully go in effect until almost nine years. who knows what credit conditions will be like in nine years and who knows what will face the financial crisis in that period of time. >> shepard: for now, at least, investors seem to like the news. major indices all went up. many international markets showed gains. more graduates falling behind on the student loan so says the latest number from the department of education showing 3.4 million people began repaying student loans in the 2008 financial year, and of those people more than a quarter million defaulted on those loans. that is a 7% default rate. increase from 6.7% in the previous year. the latest crop of high school graduates bucking a recent of sinking s.a.t.
7:34 pm
scores across the nation. according to a new report from the college board, the association behind the test, scores remain steady this year compared to last. the class of 2010 earning combined average score of 1509. out of possible 2400. positive sign considering that scores have been falling over the last several years. that college board officials say a record 1.6 million students took the test this year. wildfire alert now. crews in colorado are battling not one, but two separate fires right now. you will be able to see them on the map here. the latest burning near loveland north of denver. the 900 acre fire forced hundreds of people to evacuate. at last check it was 20% contained. to the south, crews say they're finally getting close to getting under control. another wildfire. this one broke out on labor day near bolder. the flames destroyed 150 homes and other buildings according to authorities. officials say in both cases
7:35 pm
it appears household fires spark the flames. the united states military is getting ready for what could become the biggest arms deal in the history of this nation to involve dozens of fighter jets and helicopters and may be worth $60 billion. but one of america's closest allies seems to have some misgivings about the deal. that story is next. plus, 20 states are now trying to get the healthcare overhaul thrown out before most of it goes into effect. so what are their chances? we'll hear from the judge andrew napolitano has to say about the big lawsuit. that's coming up. [ male announcer ] millions of men 45 and older
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time for td ameritrade. >> shepard: a passenger plane miles from the destination today, but somehow dozens of people survived as it crashed. it happened in venezuela. officials say the plane was carrying 51 people when it slammed into the parking lot of steel foundry in the eastern part of the nation. 14 people killed. four others still missing. but 33 made it out alive.
7:39 pm
this one of several recent crashes in which the massive damage to the aircraft might have led many to expect more loss of life. just last month columbian airliner carrying more than 130 people broke in two while landing but one person died there. that was due to heart attack that the passenger suffered in the crash. in chile, officials say the 33 miners trapped below ground for more than a month will start a daily workout routine. personal trainer will lead exercises over closed circuit television. it came one day after authorities say they would supply the miners with cigarettes. improvement have reportedly been made in the air ventilation system to accommodate the smoke. engineers have been drilling to reach the men and reportedly that could take another two to three months. well, the united states -- the u.s. agreed to sell high-tech military aircraft in what would be the largest american arms deal on record.
7:40 pm
pentagon spokesman says they will notify white house about the agreement. jennifer griffin is live at the pentagon tonight. >> it's $60 billion and would include 84 new f-15 fighter jets, upgrade of 70 more f-15 fighter jets. 70 apache helicopters, 36 little birds, those are helicopters, shep. those are the first phase. this is targeted at iran. >> shepard: the saudis all about it but the israelis not so much. >> israelis were nervous when they heard about it. they sent the defense minister to washington to talk to pentagon and sent the prime minister benjamin netanyahu. he raised it with the white house, with president obama.
7:41 pm
now the israelis are feeling better about it. they have assurances that the parts and maintenance will be done by the u.s. there won't be a way for if the fallen to someone else's hands they could be used to attack israel. >> shepard: we should note this could put a lot of people to work. >> boeing could make jobs. white house is quiet about this but they'll out the this. this is happening in a key battleground state, swing state of missouri, of course. boeing that is where boeing makes the f-15s. >> shepard: we learned of that deal and we got word of overall drop of sales of military weapons. that's from a study from the library of congress. they found the weakened economy hurt demand for
7:42 pm
weapons. it indicates $22.6 billion in the u.s. arms deals last year. down 40% from the year before. important development today in cuba, the country announced it will lay off half a million government workers. that's one of every ten cuban workers who will soon be out of a job. this is part of an effort by the president there raul castro to change the way the job market works. having more privately run companies hire workers instead of the government doing all the hiring. thism controls after castro's brother, the former president fidel castro gave an interview where he appeared to suggest that communism is not working, although he later claimed the american reporter who interviewed him misunderstood his remarks. theous attorneys tomorrow -- the white house attorneys tomorrow expect to ask a federal judge to throw out a lawsuit that claims the healthcare law is unconstitutional. attorneys general from 20 states all republicans have signed on to the suit, which originated in florida.
7:43 pm
they claim congress does not have the power to force states to spend more money on medicaid or to require people to buy health insurance. today on studio "b," the fox news judicial analyst judge andrew napolitano says as far as the law is concerned, they may be right. >> can the federal government order people to buy something they may not want to buy? that's never tested in a court before but once. in richmond, virginia, where another federal judge said i'm not going to throw out the case because frankly, the feds have never claimed the authority to tell people that they have to buy something if they don't want to buy it. >> shepard: well, the white house argues the law does not take effect in full until 2015. any lawsuit should wait until then. tonight, greta van susteren will sit down with florida a.g. bill mccollum. if you got to know the news,
7:44 pm
go to greata. breast feeding of infants is on the rise. three of every four new mothers in the united states start out breast feeding. that is up almost threefold from 1980 when mom and other care-givers breadfest 28% of newborns. as babies grow, the breast feeding rate appears to drop significantly and most moms probably know why. the study shows six months the number falls to less than half. the new report says they want to promote interest feeding. two studies on keeping our hands clean and preventing illnesses. researchers at the university of virginia in a study that dial corporation funded, the soap folks, report that using an alcohol-based hand sanitizer does not significantly reduce the chance of catching a cold or flu. and another report finds that americans are washing their hands more often after potty. the cdc reported one of the most important steps we can take to avoid getting sick.
7:45 pm
that study indicating that more men than women fail to wash up after using public restrooms. fire at an oil refinery forcing evacuation of workers ships. our top story on fox trip around the world in 80 seconds. >> venezuela, the blaze breaking out on loading pier at oil refinery in a western state. information ministry reports the fire started while the workers were loading diesel fuel on a ship for export. nobody hurt and we're told the fire didn't effect production at the facility. guinea, the prime minister says the country presidential runoff vote is set to go forward, despite deadly election related violence. authorities delayed the vote over the weekend after political rivals threw rocks at each other in the capital city. the attacks killed one person and injured dozens of others. the first ever free election in the west african nation. pakistan.
7:46 pm
floodwaters threaten iing several towns in the south. embank. constructed to protect other city and towns are channelling the high water in new areas. the country suffered more than a month-and-a-half of flooding. china. japanese authorities freeing 14 crew members of a chinese fishing ship. they're still holding that vessel captain. the ship reportedly collided with two japanese patrol boats one week ago. it happened near chain of small islands that japan controls. but that china and taiwan also claim. that's ap wrap on this fox trip around the world in 80 seconds. >> shepard: well, now to the woman who calls herself the hottest sports reporter in mexico. she apparently caught the eye of american football players this weekend. and there she is. are they guilty of sexual harassment? we'll report, you decide. that's coming up.
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>> shepard: the new york jets are at the center of harassment controversy tonight. n.f.l. and team officials are investigating the behavior toward the female reporter including claims of inappropriate comments made on the field and in the locker room. her name is ines sainz and she calls herself the hottest sports reporter in mexico. we'll report, you decide. sainz on her twitter page she felt very uncomfortable waiting for an interview with the locker room over the weekend. she said the team's owner has since called her to apologize. earlier today, she told her television station she thought everybody was just kidding around. rick leventhal, it seems she's now downplaying the whole thing. >> the original message on twitter said she was dying of
7:51 pm
embarrassment and now she is clarefying to some degree saying she never felt in danger and doesn't want to make too big of a deal out of this. we heard from witnesses on saturday's practice, in fact, head coach rex ryan and the assistant coach were purposefully throwing passes in her direction along the sideline. you can see some of them here. her own video shows what appears to be at least one of the coaches throwing balls in her direction. and playing catching or dropping some of the balls next to her. other reporters say jets players in the locker room were making cat calls and rude comments when she walked in to interview mark sanchez. we heard from her earlier herself. >> i was there and the rest of the media start to hear the players are making comments. comments about myself. so one of my colleagues arrived with me. and i said okay, i feel sorry for you. this is something embarrassing. you don't deserve to be treated like this.
7:52 pm
i tried to minimize the effect and say don't worry. focus on your jobs, on trying to pretend nothing happened but obviously, they hear a lot of things that i didn't. >> she apparently caught flak for her outfit of tight jeans and button down shirt. she defends her clothes and say she doesn't plan to change how she dresses. >> shepard: the owner called her. >> the owner called her to apologize an the n.f.l. security officials are investigating, interviewing coaches and players. league spokesman earlier today told me this is a matter we're taking seriously. we're continuing to gather facts aps has been if context with her. she said she wasn't in it for publicity but she has been getting it. the number one trend on google searches all day. she's 32 and married. >> shepard: calls herself what? >> voted one of the five -- >> shepard: she calls herself the hottest reporter.
7:53 pm
>> maybe because she was voted one of the top five in mexico by maxim or somebody. >> hard to argue too much. >> it is. >> shepard: thank you, ricky. did you know that youtube is doing it live today? the video sharing website kicking off a two-day live streaming trial run, on youtube, through four content providers. those providers broadcasting directly through youtube channels. if youtube makes a live streaming permanent, the world's most popular video sharing site could compete with traditional television. websites like youstream and livestream. the nintendo classic super mario brothers 25 years old today. the game launched in japan on september 13, 1985. in the united states, a month later. it quickly dominated the video game market in the '80s and '90s. it wasn't the first time that gamers met mario.
7:54 pm
he first appeared in another classic, donkey kong. still love that. chocolate maker hershey asking a federal judge to weigh in on bat of the choco app. hershey is fighting with a las vegas software developer because they developed iphone applications that involved making virtual hot chocolate. why? we have no idea. good grief. fox news is america's election headquarters. no fewer than eight primaries tomorrow. midterm is 50 days away. check out and click on 50 days to decide for everything you need to know about the pivotal elections. [ male announcer ] let's throw down some style.
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enough plastic water bottles to stretch around the earth over 190 times. each brita filter can take up to 300 of those bottles out of the equation. ♪ with tasty grilled flavor up and goodness to savor ♪ ♪ friskies grillers blend. ♪ feed the senses. >> shepard: the queen of at a time talk one oprah winfrey kicked off a new season of her show a few years ago by giving everybody in the audience a new car. so today for the debut of 25th and final season, she upped the
7:58 pm
ante. [. [cheers and applause] >> you are going to australia. >> shepard: yes, indeed. all 300 members of the studio audience going with her on an 8 day, seven night trip down under. once she made the announcement a model of a qantas airline jet came out on the stage john travolta came out dressed as a pilot. she is set to launch her own cable channel after this year. updating some of fox top stories tonight. the family of the jailed american hiker shourd asking iran to lower the amount of her half-million-dollar bail saying they can't raise the cash and shourd needs to come home for medical treatment. nasa releasing this video of hurricane igor as seen in the space station. it could soon become a category a storm the highest they have. president obama says his administration has stopped the bleeding in the economy but that the pace of the economy is not what it needs to be.
7:59 pm
is he pushing the senate to pass a bill it cut taxes for small businesses. and on this day in 1990 the long arm of the law found a new home on the small screen for the premier of what would become the longest running crime drama on all of television, law and order. the formula for nbc's hour-long jugger not was simple. the first hour of the show focused on police work here in new york city, the second half prosecution in a court of law. the plots ripped from the headlines. despite an everchanging cast of characters, viewers made it one of the most popular shows on television, leading to several spinoffs. but this past spring nbc cancelled law and order after the ratings slipped. still, crime did pay 20 years ago today. and now you know the news for this monday, september the 13th, 2010. the last day on the fox report for our good friend barry rosen. the long time senior producer of this program a

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